At Altogether Kids CIC we offer parental support courses, children's workforce training and 1:1 sessions with children. 

We provide training for schools, social care, parents and therapists in private practice. We teach courses in person and online. Our cutting-edge approach uses brand new, effective practices for work with trauma, behaviour, bullying, abuse issues and anxiety. 

We connect with parents to help them out of any stress or struggle, regarding their child. We guide parents into clear direction and clarity. If you have tried everything to help your child and don't know what is next, our courses are for you. 

Our parent-child connection sessions give parents much needed 'time' with professional help, allowing them to re-visit their thoughts, feelings, emotions and any physical issues they may be facing. This time allows them to open and breathe and be guided towards new ways of thinking. Giving way to realisations about how they can move forwards positively, in the best way for their family.

We connect with and train staff, in new approaches and ways of thinking. Our certified trainings cover all areas of wellbeing. Teaching effective strategies for use with mental, emotional and behavioural issues. Our methods target the root cause of the issue. This allows full understanding for the practitioner and healing for the child, parent or staff.

We connect with children who are experiencing difficult emotions, thoughts or behaviours. Children often feel helpless and cannot fully express what their thoughts, feelings and fears are. Children can develop anxieties because they feel misunderstood and powerless.

Current approaches are not working for children and we are the beginning of that changing. We have developed a new way of working. We look at the whole child, to help them understand what they are feeling and why. When we give these feelings a voice and acceptance, we give children the power to help themselves.

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“All the blocks that have stopped me from doing things in the past, are melting away. I don’t waste my energy on the things that don’t matter anymore. I can feel myself becoming free.”

Kelly - Start Well

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